What is the specific working principle of the lotion pump?

Update:04 Aug 2020

The lotion pump is usually also called a hand sanitizer […]

The lotion pump is usually also called a hand sanitizer pressure pump. It can be used almost anywhere in life, such as cosmetics, skin care products, detergents and other aspects. When using, we first press air into the liquid storage chamber (that is, a plastic tube that can rinse hair water). After venting the air, press the pump head again. After releasing the hand, the spring is in the pump head. In order to restore the original state, a vacuum will be formed in the liquid storage chamber to generate negative pressure. At this time, the pressure in the container coincides with the atmospheric pressure, so the pressure in the liquid storage chamber is small and the pressure in the container is high. Due to the pressure difference, the atmosphere will press the liquid around the liquid storage chamber into the liquid storage chamber, giving the impression that the pump head will suck the liquid.



The specific principle is as follows: first press-when the actuator is pressed for the first time, we push the auxiliary lever and the main lever together to compress the spring. During the compression of the spring, the outer wall of the piston rubs against the inner wall of the valve body, thereby urging the piston to open the discharge hole of the secondary rod. When the piston slides down, the main body is discharged through the secondary secondary rod discharge hole. Repeated reciprocating movements-all the air in the body is expelled.
Inhalation-After the actuator is compressed by the main rod, the auxiliary rod, the piston, and the common compression spring, the air in the body is discharged and the actuator is released. Due to the pressure loss, the spring moves upward. At this time, the piston also moves downward through the inner wall of the friction body, and the oil outlet of the auxiliary rod is closed. At this time, the liquid storage chamber in the body and the glass ball form a vacuum suction state. Store the fluid Press the head several times, and then store the fluid in the body through multiple suctions until the fluid is full. Discharge-When the liquid in the liquid storage tank is full, press the actuator again, and the liquid will pass directly from the actuator through the discharge hole.