What is the manufacturing process of the cosmetic packaging material spray pump?

Update:06 Jul 2020

The spray pump is the main accessory product of the cos […]

The spray pump is the main accessory product of the cosmetic packaging container (vessel) and one of the content dispensers on the website. Ladies spray perfumes and air fresheners are all sprays. Sprays are widely used in the cosmetics industry. The different effects of sprays directly determine the user experience. The main tool of the spray pump is The crucial role (role). Cosmetics packaging manufacturers (vender) have the following processes when manufacturing (zhì zào) spray pumps:
1. Fog pump forming (gōng y): The bayonet and screw on the spray pump are all plastic, but some are covered with a layer of aluminum (Al) cover and a layer of anodized aluminum . Most of the internal accessories of spray pumps are mainly made of plastic materials such as PE, PP, LDPE, etc., and are molded by (tōng guò) injection molding. Among them, accessories such as glass beads and springs are generally outsourced.
2. Fog pump surface (biǎo miàn) treatment: The main components of the spray pump can be applied to vacuum plating, anodized aluminum (Al), spraying, injection molding and other methods. Cosmetic packaging materials: Overall packaging materials usually provide drawings or general requirements by the cosmetics manufacturer, and are completely handed over to the packaging materials manufacturer, while some packaging materials are divided into more subtle, more specific situations and needs, divided into partial printing, bottles Cover packaging materials, bottle packaging materials. Depending on the type of cosmetic packaging, some small accessories can also be specifically outsourced.
3. Spray pump graphic processing (chǔ lǐ): The spray pump can be printed on the surface of the mouth (biǎo miàn) and on the surface of the braces. It can be operated by hot stamping, silk printing and other processes, but in order to maintain simplicity , Generally will not print on the nozzle (NOZZLE). Lipstick tube Lip balm is a personal care product that is generally applied to the lips. After lip balm is applied to the lips, it can effectively prevent the lips from rubbing and peeling due to dry weather. The main ingredients of lip balm include beeswax, petrolatum, menthol and camphor. In addition, in order to strengthen the moisturizing function, the current lip balm will also add vitamins, salicylic acid and other ingredients.
Fog pump products are widely used in cosmetic products, such as incense water, gel water, air fresheners and other water agents and serum products. As a skin care product, the most important feature of lotion pump lotion is its high water content, which can instantly moisturize the skin and add moisture to dry skin. In addition, the emulsion can form a thin and breathable protective film on the surface of the skin, which can prevent the loss of water and play an excellent moisturizing effect. Therefore, compared to the simple moisturizing lotion, the lotion is more suitable for use in the dry season.