What are the characteristics of plastic spiral nozzles?

Update:08 Jun 2020

The spiral nozzle is the most distinctive one among man […]

The spiral nozzle is the most distinctive one among many nozzles. As the spiral body becomes smaller continuously, the slurry continuously changes its direction after being tangent and collided by the spiral line and is sprayed into a concentric cone shape, and the liquid is not hindered in the passage from the nozzle cavity to the outlet. And it still has very high absorption efficiency under very low operating pressure, which has been widely recognized by the desulfurization system. It has the following outstanding features: High efficiency: It has a strong absorption efficiency at a very low operating pressure, that is, when the same flow rate is reached, the number of nozzles can be selected less. With this type of nozzle, the investment in the initial nozzle can be recovered in a short period of time by only reducing the pump power consumption reduced by the pressure.
Non-clogging structure design: Due to its unique anti-clogging structure design, the unblocked diameter is twice as large as that of ordinary nozzles, even under very harsh working conditions, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of clogging. Excellent anti-clogging effect greatly reduces your maintenance costs.
Wide coverage and good atomization performance: the standard angle is 90 degrees and 120 degrees, and other angles can be provided; at the same installation height, compared with other nozzles, the coverage of a single nozzle will be wider. At the same time, since the liquid is not obstructed in the passage from the nozzle cavity to the outlet, it can achieve an excellent atomization effect at a very low pressure.
Various connection methods: flange or thread connection, and other special connection methods can be provided.