The main structure of the knapsack mobile spray duster.

Update:19 Aug 2019

The carrying machine is mainly composed of components s […]

The carrying machine is mainly composed of components such as a frame, a centrifugal fan, a gasoline engine, a fuel tank, a medicine box and a spraying device.
1. The rack assembly rack assembly is the basic component for installing parts such as gasoline engines, fans, and medicine cabinets. It mainly includes components such as the frame, the operating mechanism, the vibration damping device, the strap and the back pad.
The frame is generally bent from a steel pipe. There are also engineering plastic racks to reduce the weight of the whole machine. The structural form of the frame and its rigidity and strength directly affect the performance indicators such as the reliability and vibration of the machine. The 18-type backpack frame assembly is shown in Figure 23.
2. Centrifugal fan is one of the important components of the backpack. Its function is to generate high-speed airflow, break the atomization of the liquid or blow the powder and send it to a distant place.
The fans used on the carrying machines are small high-speed centrifugal fans. The airflow enters the fan from the axial direction of the impeller, and the high-speed airflow after the energy is obtained flows out in the tangential direction of the circumference of the impeller.