Structural features of a pressure sprayer.

Update:15 Jun 2019

Pressure spray drying is mainly determined by the worki […]

Pressure spray drying is mainly determined by the working principle of the pressure atomizer, which makes this drying system have its own characteristics. Since the product obtained by pressure spray drying is in the form of fine particles, both the droplets and the particle size of the product are larger than the other two types, resulting in a relatively long drying time of the droplets. In addition, the atomization angle of the spray is also small, generally between 20 ° and 70 °, so the shape of the dryer is also dominated by a high tower shape, so that the droplets have sufficient residence time.

A certain pressure is applied to the feed liquid and atomized by the atomizer, so a high pressure pump is required in the system. In addition, because the atomizer has a small pore size, in order to prevent the impurities from clogging the atomizer channel, it is necessary to filter before the liquid enters the high pressure pump. Pressure spray drying is used to obtain more granular products.