Single tube sprayer

Update:06 Sep 2019

1. First connect the hose connector cap to the water ou […]

1. First connect the hose connector cap to the water outlet of the sprayer.
2. The other end is connected to the switch, which is then connected to the filter casing, the spray bar and the nozzle.
3. Put clean water in the water tank, insert the sprayer into the water, first test whether there is water leakage in each connecting part. If water leakage is found, check whether the joint is screwed, whether the gasket is lost or damaged, and adjust the inspection result. Do not load the liquid until the water is completely leaking. When twitching the plug rod, the force should be even and moderate, and the force should not be pressed hard to avoid the phenomenon that the machine parts are de-welded and burst due to excessive pressure. When the plug rod is pressed, it should not be excessively skewed to prevent the plug rod from bending due to the force. .
4. The liquid used for spraying must be filtered beforehand to prevent impurities from clogging the orifice and affecting the anti-corrosion effect.
5. If you find that there is a small amount of water in the pressure screw at the time of use, you must pay attention to replace it with a new one to prevent the poison from being splashed on the skin.