Pressure sprayer system

Update:29 Jun 2019

Air filter spray drying air should be filtered accordin […]

Air filter
spray drying air should be filtered according to the standard of 300,000 cleanliness. The filter terminal is equipped with a medium efficiency filter, which is made of microfiber. For the design of carbon steel steam heat exchanger, the filter should be placed behind the heater and should have the corresponding temperature resistance to ensure that no impurities such as rust are infiltrated during the production process.
Air heating system
The heat required for spray drying is carried by the air medium, and the heating system is composed of a steam heat exchanger and an electric heating compensation to achieve the temperature required for the drying of the raw material.
Spray granulation tower
(1) The hot air of the rectifying device enters tangentially from the top of the tower, and the rotating motion generated by the hot air is rectified by the rectifying device to form a linear flow parallel to the axis of the tower body. The rectifying device is a straight orifice plate having an opening ratio of 20%.
(2) The ratio of tower height to diameter of the spray tower in the drying section of the tower is 4:1. In order to avoid dust adsorption on the tower wall, the inner surface should be polished according to the requirement of roughness Ra≤1.6um. In order to facilitate the cleaning operation, a cleaning device is arranged at the top and the middle of the tower, and a cleaning device is arranged in the cone.
(3) The main differences between the granulation tower granulation tower and the powder tower design are as follows: (1) An enlarged section is set at the intersection of the straight section and the cone section. Due to the decrease of the wind speed and the sudden reversal, most of the coarser particles are trapped and improved. The recovery rate of the particles; 2 The inner cyclone separator is arranged at the bottom of the tower to recover the coarser particles to improve the particle recovery rate.
Dust recycling system
It consists of a cyclone separator and a bag filter.