Motorized sprayer troubleshooting

Update:11 May 2019

1. It is difficult to start or start. The reason is: 1 […]

1. It is difficult to start or start. The reason is: 1 The oil tank has no oil and can be fueled. 2 The oil passages are not smooth, and the oil passages should be cleaned. 3 The fuel is too dirty, there is water in the oil, etc., and the fuel needs to be replaced. 4 Into the cylinder, too much oil, remove the spark plug idling several times and dry the spark plug. 5 spark plugs do not jump, excessive carbon deposits or insulator breakdown, should remove carbon deposits or renew insulators. 6 The spark plug and platinum gap are not properly adjusted and should be re-adjusted. 7 capacitor breakdown, high-voltage wire breakage or dissociation, high-voltage coil breakdown, etc., must be repaired and updated. 8 Platinum is oily or burnt, remove oil or burn the burnt parts. 9 The spark plug is not tightened, the crankcase body leaks, the cylinder head burns out, etc., the relevant parts should be tightened or the cylinder head gasket should be renewed. 10 The self-tightening oil seal at both ends of the crankcase is seriously worn and should be replaced. 10 The main damper is not open and can be opened.
2. Can start but the power is insufficient. There are the following reasons: 1 insufficient oil supply, blockage of main volume, blockage of air filter, etc., should be cleaned and dredged. 2 Platinum gap is too small or ignition time is too early, should be adjusted. 3 Excessive carbon deposit in the combustion chamber causes the mixture to pre-ignite (characterized by excessive temperature) and should remove carbon deposits. 4 Cylinder liner, piston and piston ring are seriously worn and should be replaced with new ones. 5 mixed oil is too thin, should improve the contrast.
3. The engine is not running smoothly. Reasons are as follows: 1 The main components are seriously worn, and there is a phenomenon of knocking and shaking during the movement. Parts should be replaced. 2 The ignition time is too early, there is tempering, and the adjustment must be checked. 3 Platinum is worn or loose and should be renewed or tightened. 4 The float chamber has water or oil, which causes the operation to be unstable and can be cleaned.
4. Sudden flameout during operation Causes: 1 After the fuel is burned out, it should be refueled. 2 The high voltage wire falls off and can be connected. 3 The throttle operating mechanism is disassembled and should be repaired. 4 The spark plug is broken and must be replaced.
5. The pesticide spray is not atomized. The reasons are as follows: 1 The speed is low and should be accelerated. 2 The angle of the fan blade is deformed, and the limited damper is not opened, as appropriate. 3 The nozzle shaft in the ultra-low-volume nozzle is bent, and the high-pressure jet nozzle has debris or severe wear, and the corresponding measures are taken.