Lotion bottle with cap mainly uses lotion pump head

Update:11 Jan 2020

Cosmetic emulsions, these products have a water content […]

Cosmetic emulsions, these products have a water content of about 10% to 80%, and have a certain flowability. Emulsion cosmetics occupy a certain share in the cosmetics market. Therefore, the market volume of cosmetic packaging emulsion bottles is also large. With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, the market demand for lotion bottles is also rising.

There are two types of caps on the lotion bottle. Commonly, a lotion pump is equipped with a cap, and a cap is extruded by an extruded lotion pump. The amount of emulsion can be effectively controlled. It is welcomed by the market. The cost is also higher. The other is a common bottle cap packaging, but the bottle mouth is often set very small, which can effectively control the amount of emulsion 3, but it is not convenient to use a lotion pump. The main materials of the lotion bottle are acrylic, glass and metal.