Over-packaging: a measure of interest and environmental protection

Update:04 Aug 2016

With the continuous improvement of people's material li […]

With the continuous improvement of people's material life, for the consumer, the "good" packaging means that the first time in the dazzling array of goods to grab the eye, enhance the intimacy of the object. What is the "good" packaging? Recently, the packaging has become a hot topic of discussion, because the price of luxury packaging may rise several times or even tens of thousands of times.

Speaking of the current status of food packaging, we can talk about the “concern” of the packaging industry in recent years. In order to effectively limit the excessive packaging of goods, protect the legitimate rights and interests of commodity producers and consumers, advocate reasonable consumption, protect the environment, and save resources, the State Council has included the Regulations on Over-packaging of Commodities in the 2008 legislative plan. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, in accordance with the legislative plan of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, drafted the Regulations on Restricting the Overpacking of Goods (Draft for Comment). The AQSIQ Regulations Department held a legislative hearing on September 9, 2008 at 2:00 pm. The incident is traced back to the source, and everything is due to "luxury mooncake packaging." I personally feel that the real reason is that the packaging industry has no normative development. The consequences of the modern material civilization and the private desire of people to achieve a certain degree of eruption, of course, have two sides, because the development is too fast and excessive packaging, only the goods, The contradiction between packaging, enterprises and society can be more quickly manifested. The whole industry is now in the period of standardized development, and it is necessary to further realize the comprehensive upgrading of the industry.

With the rapid growth of domestic food processing and the expansion of the growing middle class, food consumer claims are also increasing, and quality and hygiene requirements are increasing. There are too many competitors in front of huge market opportunities. To improve their profitability, enterprises must implement brand strategy and take differentiated routes. The packaging industry is an industry that has close ties with various industrial sectors. At present, China's packaging industry is increasingly complete in variety and category. At the same time, it also has a number of world-class packaging leading enterprises. Therefore, the key to the breakthrough development of packaging enterprises depends on In addition to the research and development of packaging materials, the development and manufacture of large-scale complete sets of equipment, and the extensive promotion of green packaging, packaging design has become an important part of packaging technology.

At first glance, the packaging materials on the market can be described as varied, and the design of various products can be described as uneven. Take the skin care products as an example. All kinds of exquisite cosmetic packaging are not carefully designed. This is just to hope that consumers can easily look at their appearance, but they don't care much about their internal ingredients. Excessive ornate packaging, in the final analysis, is a marketing tactic, and the trend of future packaging design will be the stage of “emphasizing green environmental protection”. So how do you grasp the future packaging design trends? When it comes to packaging design, there are too many concepts, such as culture, portability and so on.

There are three tricks for over-packaging abroad.

At present, there are three main types of foreign control measures for over-packaging: the first is standard control, that is, the volume of the package, the gap between the package and the product, the number of packaging layers, the ratio of the packaging cost to the value of the commodity, etc. Limit the standard. Such as South Korea, Japan, Canada and other countries.

The second category is the control of economic instruments, such as packaging taxes for non-paper packaging and packaging that does not meet recycling requirements, such as Belgium. In addition, through the garbage metering charges, consumers are guided to choose simple packaging, such as the Netherlands.

The third category is to increase the responsibility of producers. It is stipulated that commodity producers are responsible for recycling the packaging of goods. Usually, the relevant commercial organizations can be used to recycle packaging by means of a deposit system. In order to facilitate recycling, producers will actively choose packaging designs that use less material and are easier to recycle. Such as Germany, France and other countries.