How to extract perfume without removing perfume pump perfume nozzle?

Update:19 Oct 2020

Hello everyone! We sell sub-packed perfume pumps. All p […]

Hello everyone! We sell sub-packed perfume pumps. All products are in stock, but the perfume bottle is tightly sealed and difficult to disassemble. After disassembly, it cannot be sealed and the perfume will gradually volatilize. I don’t know how other sellers who distribute perfume deal with perfume nozzles? Isn't everyone completely dismantling the nozzle like me? Is there a simple and feasible way? I saw someone sent out only half a bottle of perfume, and the nozzle is intact. How can I extract the perfume without removing the perfume nozzle? 

Method of extracting perfume without removing the perfume nozzle
There are many small glass jars, many syringes, all labeled, one for each perfume. Everyone knows that it cannot be mixed together.
When someone wants to buy perfume, spray the perfume on the small glass on the container, so it will hardly evaporate to the outside and will not be wasted.
Then use the syringe to suck out the perfume sprayed into the glass bottle and display a few milliliters because the syringe has a scale. 
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