How to choose a professional and domestic shower gel pump head?

Update:20 Mar 2020

1.Depending on the amount used: General high-pressure c […]

1.Depending on the amount used:
General high-pressure cleaners can be divided into home and professional use. If you use the washing machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy a household washing machine. The price is relatively cheap, the weight is light, the material is simple and heat-resistant. If the use time is more than 100 hours, it is necessary to consider a professional high-pressure cleaner, which has a large volume and uses durable materials such as copper alloy pump heads and stainless steel valves. Of course, the price is also much more expensive. So how to choose depends on the needs of consumers.
2. Depending on hot and cold water needs:
High pressure washer can be divided into hot water and cold water according to the requirements of the occasion. Generally most of the market is cold water type, which can be used by pouring water at room temperature with a faucet; however, some business places need to be washed with hot water. At this time, you must buy a hot water pressure washer. If you use cold water type Injecting hot water, the internal parts, including the water pump, will be damaged very quickly, and the gains will outweigh the benefits.
3. Select a business
Now there are many brands of cleaning machines on the market. The imported ones are 1-2 times more expensive than domestic ones, or even more. When choosing, you should choose according to your actual needs and budget. Generally, imported equipment has new technology, and its durability and efficiency have certain advantages over domestic ones, but its price is also much higher, and the maintenance cost is also 2 to 3 times higher than domestic equipment. After choosing a brand to use, you should also pay attention to choosing a merchant. There are almost no direct sales from domestic manufacturers of high-pressure cleaning, especially for imported products. They choose the cooperation form of dealers. Generally, there is only one legal official dealer in a region. When choosing, you must choose a qualified dealer to ensure after-sales service. , Because the equipment is like a car, three points of maintenance and seven points of maintenance, if you want to buy cheap through informal channels for a while, maintenance and maintenance in the future will cause a lot of trouble, it is likely that the loss of a small part of the equipment of 10,000 yuan can not be used .
4. Also select the nozzle:
The cleaning effect caused by different nozzles is also different. For example, the circular water nozzle can increase the cleaning efficiency. The fan nozzle can rotate the nozzle as a low pressure spray (can spray soap water) and a high pressure fan water column. The low pressure brush head can spray low pressure water and gently scrub. Some of these nozzles will be included as gifts, and some of them must be purchased by yourself. When buying, please refer to your needs to select them.