Granulation principle of pressure sprayer

Update:30 Sep 2019

The liquid enters the rotating chamber at high speed fr […]

The liquid enters the rotating chamber at high speed from the tangential passage of the atomizer under the pressure of the high pressure pump, causing the liquid to move at a high speed in the rotating chamber. According to the law of conservation of the momentum moment of rotation, the rotation speed is inversely proportional to the radius of the rotating chamber, so the closer the rotation speed is to the axis, the smaller the static pressure. When the rotational speed reaches a certain value, the pressure at the center of the atomizer is equal to the atmospheric pressure, and the ejected liquid forms a side-conical annular liquid film that rotates around the air core.

As the liquid film lengthens, the waves formed by the intense disturbance of the air develop continuously, and the liquid film splits into fine lines. In addition, the influence of the radial velocity of the turbulent flow and the relative velocity of the surrounding air causes the liquid film to break into filaments, and the liquid filament is broken by the surface tension, and finally a mist group composed of numerous mist droplets is formed.